Harness the passion of your employees to make a difference

Our platform engages employees to share their time, skills, and money with a global network of over 2M causes.  Meet your employees where they are with easy-to-use apps, and provide them with long lasting workplace value. 

Key Benefits
iOS, Android & web
Single sign-on & HRIS INTEGRATION
Invite colleagues & friends
Yammer & Slack integration
Volunteer opportunity database & VOLUNTEER MATCH
Email, text & push notifications
ERG groups

Workplace giving done better

Through our robust platform services and industry leading partnerships, we provide one of the most secure and powerful giving & matching experiences. Access to our global network of vetted organizations is now at your employees’ fingertips!

Global reach
Give in 170 currencies to 2M+ causes globally
Disaster relief
Pre-vetted library of turn-key disaster relief fundraisers and access to Help With Projects
Local receipting
Multi-country DAF network provides local receipting for you and your employees
Flexible matching
Set your global matching budgets using pre-funded accounts in multiple markets 

Volunteering for individuals and teams

Our comprehensive volunteering solution supports event & skills-based, in-person & virtual, as well as individual & team-based volunteering. Built with engagement in mind, our social features connect colleagues with one another, fostering a more communal workplace environment. 

Smart match-making
Deed will automatically match employees with opportunities based on their skills & interests
Social at heart
Add friends on the Deed and invite them, along with colleagues and family to volunteer with you
Volunteer rewards
Get rewarded for volunteering with donation credit to the cause of your choice
Volunteer database
Access Deed’s proprietary library of volunteering opportunities 

Engage your employees, champion your values, and build community by doing good.

Now more than ever, companies must do good to do well. Deed provides you with the necessary tools to act quickly in support of a cause by engaging your customers and employees in giving and volunteering campaigns.

Want to do something good together?

Join our growing network of socially conscious companies today.

2019 (c) Go Deed Inc. - All rights reserved
2019 (c) Go Deed Inc. - All rights reserved