We’re built for employees,
not just
CSR departments.

Deed empowers your employees (and customers) to meaningfully engage with your social mission, as well as discover and champion the causes they care about.

Our intuitive interface allows companies to easily showcase their brand-purpose pillars, highlight featured campaigns, as well as measure and amplify participation.

End-to-end solution

Our cross platform experience covers everything from giving and matching, skills and event based volunteering, all the way to community building through our social platform.

Key features:

  • Cross platform solution: Android, iOS, web
  • Digital and in-person volunteering (skilled and event based)
  • Giving/campaigns
  • Social impact surveys
  • Petitions
  • Impact measurement and tracking
  • Employee deed creation and management
  • Modern design & seamless UX your employees expect
  • Friend connections to strengthen existing and create new bonds in the workplace
  • Impact groups to help employees organize around the causes they care about
  • Team sign up
  • Single Sign On
  • GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act compliant
  • Custom brand integration
  • Separate nonprofit login for autonomous management

Event - based volunteering

Our volunteering solution has everything you need to ensure your employees – and consumers – are excited to share their time and energy with causes they care about. With nonprofit access, and employee event creation capabilities, your social impact team can focus on growing your program.

Skills-based volunteering

Our smart skill-sharing features seamlessly match employees with high impact projects requiring their professional skills. Collaborate with colleagues locally or remotely to address the needs of your favorite organizations.

Giving and Matching

Our giving and matching features empower your company to come together and raise funds for those that need it most. Customized options give your team the tools they need to optimize your giving and matching program.

Social at Heart

Deed’s consumer-focused social capabilities are designed with the goal of increasing engagement and building community around social impact.

Powerful Analytics

Our Impact Dashboard allows you to clearly quantify and communicate the scope of your social impact program to your employees, consumers, and stakeholders.

"I really liked volunteering through Deed. It felt good to help out kids who might’ve not had the chance if it weren’t for Deed"
Connor, Adidas employee
"I loved the use of the app to plan my volunteering activities."
Stephanie, Adidas employee

Ok - that’s probably enough talk.
Let’s do some good together!