Doing good is
now as easy
as ordering delivery.

In a time when it’s increasingly easy to be selfish, we want to make it easier to be selfless. Don’t get us wrong, we love ordering food right to our door and having rides on demand, but we also love being able to give back to our community in the same way. Share your time, dollars, or skills with organizations that you believe in – with the click of a button.


Giving back to your community has never been more accessible. Sign up for events with the click of a button.


Amplify your impact by donating directly to the nonprofit of your choice. They’ll receive your gift immediately.


Share your skills with nonprofits that need them – and collaborate with people all over the world.

"I really liked volunteering through Deed. It felt good to help out kids who might’ve not had the chance if it weren’t for Deed"
Connor, Adidas employee
"I loved the use of the app to plan my volunteering activities."
Stephanie, Adidas employee
"DEED makes it super easy to give back and get involved in your community. My experiences at the varied opportunities has opened my eyes to how fun it is to volunteer!"
"Deed allows me to volunteer on the days that I am available without having to make a long commitment. I have met so many fantastic people when volunteering! I have worked in several food kitchens and also do the Pajama Program. When I arrive at a new assignment the people are prepared for the “Deed people” and are so grateful for us. I am very grateful for Deed. It has enriched my life in so many ways."
Pat Slesarchik
"Deed has been such a wonderful experience! Deed connects you with a plethora of volunteer opportunities that aren't always available through other volunteer resources. I have met such beautiful human beings through volunteering and the clients we interact with during volunteer projects. If you're looking to find a way to give back to your community and reground yourself, DEED IS THE WAY! Thankful that Deed exists, bringing a multitude of ways to support your local community."
Victoria Vega

Deed is live in 7 markets, and continuing to expand - with your help!