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4 Inspiring Corporate Social Responsibility Statistics to Keep You Going


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Dec 20, 2020

In the world of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the last thing you want to do is lag behind. Trends have always been shifty, but with 2020 bringing us accelerated changes on a global scale due to the pandemic, it's more important than ever to stay connected to the newest CSR statistics and ponder what they might mean in the long run.

According to a recent study completed by Aflac, CSR is alive and well in the time of COVID-19. As proof, witness the following statistics. 

4 Inspiring Corporate Social Responsibility Statistics to Keep You Going

Use the lessons they teach to motivate and inspire you moving forward!

Consumers are more concerned with ensuring the health and well-being of employees than business executives are. 

While 76% of consumers consider health and well-being a top operational priority of a large organization, only 60% of executives do. In a time when public perception is absolutely priceless, execs cannot afford to operate with this level of dissonance. As important as it is for companies to actually look after the health and well-being of their employees, it's equally important that consumers can see evidence that they are doing so!

During the time of COVID-19, consumers noticed which employers:

  • distributed face masks and PPE
  • installed plexiglass at checkout to protect cashiers and customers
  • allowed their employees to work from home when possible
  • took precautions to minimize risks for their employees 
  • expanded and extended healthcare benefits

The good news is that taking care of your employees benefits you in multiple ways. You reap the obvious reward of having happy and healthy workers and, as a bonus, enjoy increased consumer confidence!

Environmental concern has dropped.

In 2019, 52% of consumers believed environmental concerns were "very important." In 2020, that number dropped to 43%.

Whether this is a short-term effect of the pandemic splitting their focus or a more serious shift in the offing, it's an interesting statistic to keep an eye on, particularly as you consider your CSR messaging moving forward.  

Employers and employees are aligned on what makes for a safe in-person work environment.

With the rampant proliferation of conspiracy theories and loud voices shouting down safety measures online, sometimes it's hard to get a good feel for where most people are on pandemic safety measures. Fortunately, statistics regarding what makes for a safe in-person work environment more or less align. 

56% of consumers and 54% of executives "strongly agree" that a safe back-to-work plan includes safeguards such as masks and social distancing. While we're a bit concerned that those percentages aren't much higher on both sides, we're encouraged that the expectations of the two groups do seem to more or less align. 

While the issue of a safe in-person work environment is certainly a newer line item on the overall CRS list, it's one that is not likely to go away. This generation's workforce will carry the memories of this experience with them into all future employment opportunities, using their memories of working through a pandemic to gauge the preparedness of all future employers.  

Providing fair wages for employees remains the top issue.

Above all else, consumers care whether or not an employer is paying people what they're worth, with 78% stating that fair wages should be a top priority. That means regardless of where the government sets minimum wage, investing in employee compensation can have a massive impact on how people view your company. This, in turn, impacts who does and does not support you.

As an all-in-one social impact platform, Deed is well equipped to advise you in these areas. For more information on the latest developments in CSR and how you can stay on top of the latest, contact us today.

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