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Nonprofits to Watch: April and May Recap


Team Deed


May 4, 2021

There is so much good happening around the world, but we naturally tend to focus on our own corners – the communities we live and work in, the causes that touch our lives and those of our loved one. Within our communities and the causes close to our heart, there are so many organizations enacting positive change, both on a large and small scale. We can often be faced with a magnitude of choice when deciding where to donate -- which organizations should I support? And where is my dollar going the furthest? 

This is what inspired our ‘Nonprofits to Watch’ segment. We focus on highlighting the up and coming organizations; the nonprofits that might not come up on the first page of your Google (or Deed!) search for where to donate. Our nonprofit selections are a great resource for donors interested in supporting smaller, younger, innovative organizations, while still feeling confident in your decision to give your money or time. All of the nonprofits on Deed’s platform are vetted by our payment processing partners, and our featured nonprofits are additionally screened by our team. 

We’ll be announcing our ‘Nonprofits to Watch at the beginning of each month on Deed’s Instagram and LinkedIn, where we’ve already shared our first installments of Nonprofit’s to Watch for April and May

If there is a nonprofit you think we should feature, please share this brief interest form with your favorite organization! We’re always excited to learn how nonprofits in different communities make an impact. 

Below, we’ll catch you up to speed with our “Nonprofits to Watch” for April and May. 


1. Techqueria

Techqueria empowers Latinx professionals empowering their community with the resources and support that they need to thrive and become leaders in the tech industry. Founded in 2015, they are the largest global community of Latinx professionals in tech in the U.S. with nearly 12,000 members.

2. weMORI

weMORI makes it easy for folks to protect rainforests by highlighting restoration projects around the world. Based in Japan, their organization focuses on raising awareness around deforestation and extinction, and how the two are connected. 

3. Defy Ventures

For nearly a decade, Defy graduates have defied odds with less than 10% returning to prison, compared to the national average of 30%. Their programs equip incarcerated and previously incarcerated individuals with entrepreneurship skills, job seeking tools, and networking opportunities, allowing them to break through institutional barriers. 


1. First Tech Fund

First Tech Fund provides underserved students with access to Internet and computers in an increasingly virtual era of schooling. Co-founders Josue & Hana launched their mentorship programming and career panels utilizing their own personal network!

2. Asian Pacific Community Fund

Asian Pacific Community Fund  invests in orgs that empower underserved Asian and Pacific Islanders (API), offering capacity-building programming to develop stronger communities, voices, and API leaders. We love their focus on equipping nonprofits to better serve API communities across the U.S!

3. The T Project

The T Project  is the first & only social service for transgender people in Singapore, providing food and shelter, as well referral support for employment, social, healthcare, and emotional needs. Founder June Chua is kickstarting a new program that will provide educational and mentorship support to trans youth.

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