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What Does Successful Employee Engagement Look Like During WFH?


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Dec 20, 2020

COVID-19 continues upending everything across the globe, including most work environments. If your company managed to keep going with Work From Home efforts this year, what did it do to employee engagement? Did it help or hurt?

If like most businesses, it probably hurt engaging with one another due to the distance among your workers. Despite video app technology helping with communication, what can you do to increase engagement in other ways?

Take a look at what employee engagement means in the COVID-19 era and what you can do to help it thrive until things normalize.

Just How Important is Employee Engagement at a Time Like This?

A study through the American Management Association found high engagement levels among workers improved productivity and brought a healthier bottom line. This should give all incentive to have your employees engage all the time and not just when practicing WFH.

The big question is: what is your company doing to make your employees feel valued as they work away from the office? Are you communicating with them regularly to make sure they are safe? Do you have them communicating regularly with their fellow employees to keep up good working relationships?

A good start to engagement is to maintain your company's core values and reach out to each employee individually about their well-being. Doing so is going to help them feel like you genuinely care about their physical and mental health.

Working from home is not for everybody. Some may feel too isolated, especially if used to interacting with close employees. Ensuring their job flexibility eliminates some of that angst they may have, if only a start in creating more engagement.

Going Beyond Video App Communication

Use of Zoom is the biggest trend now in keeping employee engagement going. Putting together regular virtual group chats can keep everyone on the same page. These also have downsides in being a distraction during serious work times.

One good way to pass on information to employees is through internal podcasts. More companies are doing this over email to help maintain a unity and bring a stronger sense of community.

These are also cheaper ways to foster communication without the use of video apps every day. Using Zoom is not always cheap to use, especially when investing in video chat equipment for all your employees at home.

With an internal podcast, you can pass on the latest company news about COVID, plus motivate individual employees in their respective roles. It's now a more personalized and cheap way to engage without being live.

Send Out Surveys

More companies are also sending out surveys and questionnaires to keep employee engagement going. Sending these on a daily basis gauges how your employees really feel during this WFH stage.

Be sure to make these surveys easy to fill out. By providing a 1 through 5 response process, or even multiple choice, employees can fill these out in a few minutes. Even asking them open-ended questions is a good idea to really engage and get an idea of how they are doing.

This is just another example of how you can create engagement with WFH employees without necessarily making every chat in real-time. In many cases, you get more honest answers from them when not talking directly to them during a video chat.

Create More Collaboration

Employees chatting on places like Zoom is great, yet using it (or Microsoft Teams) for real work is just as essential. Creating more collaboration projects among WFH employees gets everyone's creative wheels turning so they never feel bored in their home settings.

Some WFH candidates might get distracted at home with their kids, TV, or social media. Keeping them focused on collaborating remotely with other WFH workers is arguably one of the best COVID-era engagement ideas available.

A collaboration on this level also means a smooth transition when everyone eventually returns to the office to meet again in person.

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