Foster a collective purpose with Deed Communities

Create a culture of purpose, foster a community of belonging, and empower ERGs through a shared desire to do good deeds.


Because every employee belongs

We do our best work when we feel connected to those around us.


Use Deed's platform as a hub for inclusivity, belonging, culture, and cause.

Boost Employee Retention

Through a shared mission, retain and engage new talent.

Employee Resource Groups

Empower ERGs through sponsored initiatives including donations, volunteering, and more.

Build groups & community

  • Employees or admins can create themed groups to bring people together around shared causes

  • Employees can share ideas, events, and fundraisers with their colleagues

  • ERG leads can manage their communities within the platform

  • Groups can be private or public, and location specific

  • Admins can approve employee and/or ERG-created deeds and fundraisers

Social at heart

  • Employees can share their photos and experiences from volunteer events, in a Venmo-like feed within the group prompting others to engage

  • Every group is linked to a Slack channel via our Slack integration for continuous engagement

  • Share to social media and invite friends to join Deed and attend events

Build community and do good deeds here