Employee Engagement through social good

Scale impact and support your employees through collective opportunities and social features they will love.


Inspire employees to do good deeds

Show your people you care about what they care about

Attract & Retain Purpose Driven Talent

Support employees and the causes they care about.

Empower Your Employees

Through collective initiatives, engage your colleagues.

Build an Engaged Community

Make an impact and create connections amongst your teams.

Virtual or
IRL Events

Deed provides a safe space to gather in the workplace.

Collective Deed Actions for social impact

  • Activate employees with bite-sized opportunities to make an impact with Deed Actions

  • Mini challenges for employees to galvanize their colleagues behind causes they care about

  • Get recognized for taking part and inspire others to join you

Gamification & Teams

  • Join colleagues to do good together and see how you measure up vs other teams

  • Leaderboards spur friendly competition between departments, groups, and offices
    (coming soon!]

  • Great for team building!

Reward good deeds with donation credits

  • Reward volunteers and amplify their impact

  • Recognize new hires, top employees, birthdays, and more

  • Can be redeemed as donations to any nonprofit on the platform

Employee engagement made simple and compelling