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Environmental, social, and
governance (ESG)

Rally your employees around sustainability, inclusivity, and a fairer workplace for all Deed’s all-good-in-one platform democratizes ESG, so our whole team can contribute to the massive project of making your organization a force for good in the world.

Streamline reporting

Our robust set of dashboards and reports helps you pull the employee engagement and material impact data you need, when you need it.

Share an authentic story

Sharing your organization’s purpose with the world is             easy once you can prove that your community is all-in on ESG

Become an ESG leader

Bolster your organization’s social and environmental impact and ESG rating through employee participation and a tech-forward strategy.

Build community

Foster authentic human connection around shared causes and passions.

Attract & retain employees

A stronger sense of purpose is proven to improve happiness, wellbeing, and productivity.

Advanced dashboards & reporting

Make informed decisions faster with visualizations of your engagement, goal progress, and impact data.

Put your data to work
Employee giving

Our all-in-one donation tool helps your people go beyond a single day of service and support the nonprofits that matter to them.

Give something good today
Employee volunteering

Free your employees to follow their passions, and reward them for making a difference. With seamless planning and reporting, your team can focus on making an impact.

Do something good today

Centralize the work your employee resource groups are already doing—fundraisers, volunteer events, social engagement—in a fun, empowering, dedicated virtual space.

Browse endless good deeds


Our ESG reporting is much better and more clear. We’re impressed with the ease of data migrations and Deed’s amazing user interface.”

Senior Manager for Global Social Impact