Make a lasting impact with corporate grants Deed offers maximum flexibility for managing grant applications, making awards, and reporting on every aspect of your program.


Grants lite

Deed’s integrated grant solution helps you craft unique and engaging application forms, make your-eyes-only notes, view responses in real-time, and export submissions when it’s time to make a decision. Our grants tool is connected to the Deed nonprofit ecosystem, which includes over two million nonprofits. Once you’ve chosen your grantees, you can make awards directly through the platform, write a personal message to the nonprofit, and pull real-time reports on everything.

Tailored to you

While grantees will love your fully-branded application portal, Deed gives you the time to focus on the content of their submissions. Easily manage, disburse, and report on every aspect of your organization’s grantmaking, and automate all the other tricky tasks. No CPA required.

Seamless integrations

Deed and SurveyMonkey—used by 99 percent of the Fortune 500—have teamed up to offer streamlined grant applications through SurveyMonkey Apply. We aim to meet and exceed your standards of trust, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness at global scale.

Comprehensive reporting

Your grantmaking data is synced to dashboards and available for export in easily-digestible reports, all in real-time. Finding the right nonprofit recipient, monitoring progress, and envisioning the future of your social impact program has never been easier. 

Employee engagement

Our partners are seeing a direct causal link between a greater sense of togetherness and purpose at work with hiring, retention, and long-term fulfillment.

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Social impact & corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Your organization needs to efficiently allocate companyresources—like money and people-power—to importantcauses. Our dedicated virtual space helps you organizefundraisers and events, ramp up participation, and usedata to steer your program to new heights.

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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

Rally your employees around sustainability, inclusivity, and a fairerworkplace for all. Deed’s all-good-in-one platform democratizesESG, so our whole team can contribute to the massive project ofmaking your organization a force for good in the world.

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