About Deed

We work at the nexus of technology, social impact, employee engagement and DEIB. We’re here to ensure your social impact or CSR program is as impactful as possible. Our drive to do good deeds is reflected in our platform and company values.


Why Deed?

All-in-one platform

Deed helps companies engage employees by empowering them to donate time, money, and skills to nonprofits they care about.

We’re all about you

We pride ourselves on the ability to be nimble, client-focused, easy to use, and innovative.

We help tell your story

Employers can amplify social impact efforts through matches or rewards and track, analyze, and share the collective impact with the world.

We care about your impact

Our partners value our ability to meet them where they are – whether they're just starting a program or have been active in the space for years – leading to increased engagement and impact.

Our Values

We work within technology, social impact, employee engagement and DEI&B, and want to make sure our values are reflected in our work. These show up across platform features, design & brand, client toolkits, and so much more.


We care deeply about our team, our clients and the communities we serve.


We constantly innovate to make social impact easier and never rest on our laurels.


We make sure everyone's voice is heard, even if you just joined yesterday.

How Deed Got Started

January 2016

Deed launches on-demand app that makes volunteering easy, social and fun

June 2016

New York City
office opens

December 2016

Deed voted
Vogue amongst
top apps of 2016

November 2017

Vice news

August 2018

Deed’s enterprise
platform launches
Beta with Adidas

May 2018

SF office opens

September 2019

Berlin office opens

December 2020

Deed in Forbes
with adidas

April 2021

Deed raises follow
on funding to fuel

June 2021

Deed joins
Y Combinator

December 2021

Deed raises $10 million Series A!

Deed was founded out of a desire to make doing good easy and exciting for a new generation of volunteers. CEO Deevee Kashi came to the realization that our technology-driven world focuses on making selfish pursuits easy, while being selfless remains hard.

After building some of NYC’s top nightlife brands, Deevee began recruiting his network of celebrities and influencers to do good deeds. Finding it very difficult to find local volunteer opportunities, he decided to build an app that made volunteering and donating easy, social, and fun.

By inviting celebrities to soup kitchens instead of parties, he quickly built an enthusiastic community of first-time millennial and Gen Z volunteers looking to make an impact. Some of these same volunteers told their employers about the app so they called to ask for help with their employee volunteer programs. As Deed grew to become the corporate social impact platform for innovative, forward-thinking companies, Deevee was joined by long-time technology wizard, Aske Ertmann, who volunteered through Deed and loved it so much he became CTO, and Steven Liu, a finance and startup veteran searching for purpose.

Supported by incredible partners like Adidas, Airbnb, Stripe, and Box, and by amazing investors like Y-Combinator, Deed’s passionate team of do-gooders now spans 4 continents, and their platform is live in nearly 50 countries. With a growing network of over 2 million nonprofit organizations around the world, Deed continues to maximize the impact of employees and companies by supporting community volunteering, skills-based volunteering, and individual and fund-based donations through cutting edge technology.

Meet the Team

Deevee Kashi
Human Rights Watch
Steve Liu
Farm Sanctuary
Aske Ertmann
Pencils of Promise
Kristin Janssen
Safe Horizon
Christine Tringale
Head of Data Strategy
Russell Lowe
Head of Partner Success
Stav Kashi
Head of Product
Global Youth Action
Chad Haertling
Head of Sales
Semester at Sea
Baris Gümüstas
VP of Engineering
Alessandro Grana
Head of Design
Randy Tarampi
Lead Engineer
Hari Sirvella
Senior Site Reliability
Cassio Hubner
Senior Engineer
Mollie Ferro-Hart
Non Profit Success Manager
Claire Kirkpatrick
NPO & Client Success Mgr.
Bridge the Gap College Prep
Erica Haybron
Product Manager
Sunrise Movement
Sammy Birdwell
Business Development Mgr.
Lupus Research Alliance
Jennifer Green
Senior Partner Success Manager
Zakaria Mansouri
Senior Engineer
Purrchance Rescue
Abhischek Thottakara
Senior Engineer
Asyl In Not
Marc Ferrer
Lead Engineer
Berliner Stadtmission
Dominque Hinnen
Sales Development Rep.
Antoine Clausse
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Sukrutha Mahadeva Kumar
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Gregory Granaghan
Technical Solutions Engineer
Adventure Cycling
Anna Williams
Partner Success Manager

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